I found these packages on the TheDieline.com which is an awesome blog for package design. I thought these designs were really intriguing and beautiful. The illustrations fit so perfectly with the fonts and layout, it really catches your eye. It is delicate, yet it demands your attention.


Photos of package design

Coffee Time packaging

I came across this packaging and thought it was really beautiful. I also thought this was a good example of how a well presented design can make your work stand out that much more.

Deviant Art blog


Deviant art is a blog with hundreds of amazing artists. I always find inspiration in the works that are there. I aspire to design work worthy of deviant art.

Design for silkscreen

This is another design that I made for my Independent client. She asked me to come up with a design that she could silk screen onto denim bags for an event being held by a horse back riding therapeutic center. The finalized design has no color in the background; the blue is just to give you an idea of what it will look like on the denim.

Toy Chest ad#3

This is an ad that I made for my independent client, who was sponsoring a disc golf tournament in my town.