David Carson work

David Carson is one of the kings of the post-modernism style. I thought this quote was so perfect to represent his work.


This is yet another example of package design, also from TheDieline.com. I saw this and immediately took interest to it. It is unique and unlike any packaging I have ever seen.

This is an image I retrieved from the Sun-Maid website. It is the original 1916 version of the Sun-Maid trademark. This was the first inspiration for my redesign. I thought this Sun-Maid girl was so much more beautiful then the one they use on the modern box (bottom picture), so I decided to bring the history of the brand back into the package. 



(Current Sun-Maid logo)

I found this picture on the internet as I was browsing to get ideas for the poster. I thought it was a captivating image so I began the Poster by using this image and building off of it to develop my final project.

This was my revised version of the Arabian Nights poster.